Can you transport hazardous waste and provide waste transport certificates?

Yes, we can transport contaminated soil, PCBs and asbestos.

We will provide you with a waste transport certificate for prescribed industrial waste.

We are an EPA Accredited Agent

More information about transporting hazardous waste can be found at http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/

Can you provide air monitoring or a clearance certificate?

No, if it’s a commercial site, only an independent hygienist can.

Hygienists must be engaged by the person in control of the site (for commercial).

For residential asbestos removal projects we will engage a hygienist to provide a clearance certificate.

Click here to locate a NATA accredited hygienist http://www.nata.com.au/

Can you do asbestos removal straight away?

In an emergency situation asbestos can be removed immediately.

If less than 10m² of non-friable asbestos is being removed 24 hours’ notice must be given to WorkSafe.

If more than 10m² of asbestos is being removed  5 days’ notice must be given.

For Class A or friable asbestos 5 days’ notice must be given. 

Click here for the WorkSafe Compliance Code http://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/9234/cc_asbestos_remove.pdf

Can you identify Asbestos?

We advise engaging a hygienist for a full audit.

We can test samples of suspect material. Please call 9312 7725 to discuss.

Do you recycle materials?

Yes, please visit our Sustainability page  Link to sustainability page

We can provide waste tracking summaries if they are requested at the start of the project.

How busy are you and what are your lead times?

All size projects require planning, but for large projects the earlier they are booked in the better we can plan.  Small projects we can usually schedule on shorter notice.

Can you provide labour?

Clean and Gone’s staff are trained in demolition and are required on our projects. If you would like to know about rates for costing please phone 9312 7725.

Can you work after hours?

Clean and Gone work after hours for noisy works and load outs.

We can provide early morning large volume load outs or after hours if required. 

Do you charge extras?
  • Clear scope and plans during pricing
  • Clear  programs during pricing
  • We will honour our price
  • Extra works will be charged extras
Can you guarantee you will meet our program?

If a program is defined early and the correct planning is in place we will guarantee the labour and equipment to achieve it.   

Can you arrange Permits?

If we are the main contractor we can arrange permits as long as we know during pricing and we are given enough time.

If we are not the main contractor we can arrange certain permits such as asbestos notifications, Traffic plans, skips, boom or scissor.

Have you got all your paperwork?

Yes. We have completed projects in airports, the royal mint and projects requiring police checks.

Our paper work can be supplied upon request.

What is your capacity?

At capacity Clean and Gone can remove approximately 300m² of waste a day with 40 on site staff available. We are a company that manages multiple projects and meet programs. 

What is your capacity for asbestos removal?

We have 20 licensed staff for asbestos removal (Class A and B).

Our capacity for asbestos is not limited by waste removal as we have licensed drivers and our trucks are EPA approved.  

What is your capacity for lift and floor grind?

We have six 3-Phase floor grinders with the capacity to grind 800m² each per shift and a gas operated razorback tile lifter.